… at the speed of light (almost)!

Improve your communications at all levels of your organization. Distribute your message
to employees and clients world-wide. Anytime, anywhere at low cost over your intranet,
internet, VSAT link or dial-up modem connection!

… Multi-channel, multimedia!

Infinite number of channels to communicate with a specific audience your targeted
message or advertisement. Each channel can be further segregated to filter various
levels of message content allowing your to target your message at exactly the right
audience and level of detail. Full motion multi-media with stereo sound can be sent if
the bandwidth and power of your PC is suitable. Simpler presentations can be delivered
to low power older PC's so everybody can get your message…. The world is within your

… Multi-platform displays!

Attention attracting giant TV displays, LCD or Plasma flat screens present no problems
with distribution of S-video high quality signals and stereo sound over industry
standard CAT5 network wiring or coaxial cable. Not to forget your PC platform, we
provide a player program and a screen saver mode that works on any network topology.

… Interactive Too.

User-friendly system can include hot buttons in your presentation allowing you to go
directly to your intranet or an external internet locations or to a CD-ROM filled with
data your users need. And , put this in a public location Kiosk and you have the ideal
information retrieval and interactive advertising tool with touch screen input.

The limits are only bounded by your imagination:

Employee communication at head office, at remote sites or in the field.
Keep your partners, vendors and clients informed with targeted communication.
Advertising in large warehouse stores, Malls, convention centers, airports - any
public place indoors or out.
Cash register screen saver for large chains with local management input.
Interactive Kiosks for a multitude of applications with or without CD-ROM.
Cable head-end Advertising channel.
User friendly Intranet front-end.
Police Briefings to de-centralized neighborhood precincts.
Over the pump Gas Station Promotions
Bus shelters & subway cars with flat panel monitor technology
Plant safety channel
Plant Production status reporting

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