CorpCast® NETpresenter is the software package that delivers your message virtually
anywhere. It will increase employee satisfaction and motivation and can provide your
business partners, vendors and clients with accurate, timely information. Developed for
Windows™3.1/95/98 or NT, its true strength is in its ability to do the job without
bringing your network to its' knees. See for yourself by downloading a 30 day trial copy
from our download icon below.
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On request or pushed to your desktop, this is what you
have been waiting for!! Everything you need to get your
message to thousands of PC and TV displays all from a
centrally controlled point, yet with the flexibility to
insert locally produced content.
Any way your application requirements for communications exist - we can help.

Presentations must engage, rivet and relate your message immediately. "Infotainment" is
the new buzz-word and key to advertising success.

The Complete Communication Delivery Suite
Multi-Channel, Multimedia
Low Network & Resource Overhead
Display Device Independent
  • Netpresenter
    • Editor, Screen Saver, Player Program and Web Browser Input (Option)

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